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Digital Marketing Agency Dubai

As a digital marketing agency for Dubai, we offer you comprehensive and data-based strategies to boost your corporate performance.

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Data-based Digital Marketing Strategies Dubai

Increase your success with holistic digital marketing strategies and make the internet a better place.

Google Search, Display, YouTube and Retargeting.

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Xing, Tripadvisor.

Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Looker Studio.

WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce and Landing Pages.

OnPage SEO, Content Marketing, Local SEO and Consultation.

Landing Pages, E-Mail Marketing and Funnel Construction.

Case Studies

A selection of our previous projects that we have implemented for our clients.

Putzmeister Case Study Thumbnail


Dorotheen Quartier Case Study




My Next Classic Case Study

My Next Classic

Social Ads | Google Ads

Trento Automobile Case Study

Trento Automobile

Webdesign | Webentwicklung | SEO

MaklerMax Case Study


Webdesign | SEO | Google Ads

Haller Experiences Case Study

Haller Experiences

SEO | Google Ads

StadtPalais Case Study Thumbnail

StadtPalais – Museum für Stuttgart

Dukeland Case Study

Dukeland Festival

Social Ads | Event Marketing

Boss Transformation Case Study


Google Ads | Socials Ads

Ostend Digital Kunden 2024


At Ostend, we work with an incredible variety of clients – from some of the most well-known celebrities and influencers such as CRO, Kollegah and Johannes Haller to established medium-sized companies such as Strenger, Gottlob Rommel, Putzmeister, Novafon, Nimbus and Hahn Kunststoffe. We are proud to support regional clients such as Stuttgart Tramways and the Stadtpalais City Museum, as well as the Catholic Church and the Gesellschaft für Technische Überwachung (GTÜ).

Free initial consultation

During our free initial consultation, we would like to get to know you and your company in order to discuss your expectations, wishes and goals. Based on this, we offer you a first small strategy consultation.

Kick-Off Workshop

In order to develop a successful online marketing campaign, it is important to carry out a comprehensive analysis of the target group and the market as a first step. Based on the findings, we define the common strategic goals, target KPIs and the marketing mix.


In online marketing, measurability and traceability of results are crucial. That’s why we set up various tracking tools such as Google Analytics 4 or the Meta Pixel before the start of your campaign. By optimising the landing page and tracking the right micro and macro conversions, the algorithm receives the right data and is thus optimally trained.

Campaign concept

After we have defined the marketing mix in the joint kick-off workshop, we can start with the concrete development of the campaigns for the selected networks. In this step, we determine which campaign types and display formats we will work with.

Ad creation

The coordinated concepts and strategies are now implemented in advertising assets. This includes the copywriting as well as the graphic design of the advertisements for the respective channels. Here, we attach great importance to the integration of target group-specific and convincing messages as well as the creation of visually appealing and attention-grabbing designs.

Testing and optimisation

We take over the ongoing management of your campaign. We continuously analyse and optimise the performance of your ads to increase conversion rates and achieve the highest possible return on investment (ROI).

Monitoring and reporting

We attach great importance to transparent cooperation and want to ensure that you are always informed about the progress of your campaigns. For this reason, we create a comprehensive monthly report that gives you a detailed insight into the performance of your campaign and helps you keep an eye on its success.


Successful performance – Our satisfied customers speak for themselves!

Both professionally and interpersonally just great. All aspects of online marketing, theoretically and above all practically mastered. Top stretch of analysis, strategy and implementation. And fast too :).
We've already written in the next project.
Philipp Walter
Competent advice on tracking, online strategies, Facebook Ads and content marketing. Always up to date and committed - we love working with Pascal!
Novafon GmbH
Super guys!
They take their time and also go into details.
Free Dive Your Life
Ostend Digital is our external partner for the online marketing of our company. Together, we first defined the goals for our online marketing tasks, installed tracking tools and set up conversion tracking. We analysed the data together and were able to implement successful Facebook ad funnels and Google campaigns in the next step.
Ostend was also a great partner for the visualisation in the Google Data Studio.
Nimbus Group GmbH
Super super competent advice - fast implementation - good ideas - only to recommend!
Perkins Park
Competent, reliable and very likeable. Unreservedly recommended!
0711 Digital GmbH
We receive very good advice and support in the area of online marketing and can recommend the digital agency.
Urban Spaces
Highly recommendable digital agency! With Ostend Digital, we have found an absolutely competent partner for all areas of online marketing. During the implementation of our tracking concept in Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics and Google Ads, Ostend Digital supported us reliably and with commitment from the analysis to the implementation. We were particularly impressed by the consulting services: professional competence, also beyond the area of Google Tools, good ideas and a suitable solution approach for every problem. And not to forget super fast implementation, top availability and very likeable contact persons. We are already looking forward to further successful projects with Ostend Digital.
Hahn Kunststoffe GmbH

Diverse & Widely Positioned

From strategy to content - we're a full-service online marketing agency that will support your business every step of the way with our expertise.

Reliable &

Thanks to our many years of experience in online marketing, we know what really matters in successful campaigns.

No Cancellation

No sticky contracts. No long notice periods. Only quality work. With us, you have the option to quit at any time.

Ostend Digital Team

Pioneers of
the digital future

As a digital agency from Stuttgart, our focus is on consulting and implementing data-based campaigns and AI-driven marketing measures to achieve our clients‘ business goals. Through the intelligent use of data and the application of AI technologies, we create customized marketing strategies that meet the individual requirements of our clients.

Performance-oriented cooperation based on partnership

You can book us as a digital management consultancy on a time contingent basis or directly commission the implementation of specific measures with our agency.

For us, the principle of open and honest communication on a partnership level applies in any case.

We want to build, co-create and exceed goals. Create strong cases. Work with exciting clients. Add value to the world and help companies overcome digital challenges in these turbulent times. Ostend Digital is an official Meta & Google Partner.

Retro Kamera von Ostend Digital
Altbau Büro von Ostend Digital in Stuttgart
free strategy consulting

If this sounds interesting to you, feel free to send us an email to arrange a free strategy consultation with us. The conversation is completely non-binding and will already provide you with initial added value & inspiration. Alternatively, we would be happy to welcome you at Marienstraße 37 in Stuttgart (at the 0711 Office) with a good coffee and a nice view.

Thank you and hope to see you soon,

Pascal Cabitza (Founder)

Frequently asked questions

Your question is not listed? You can still send it to us via our contact form.

What is a digital marketing agency?

An digital marketing agency helps businesses strengthen their online presence and achieve marketing goals in the digital space. As a full-service agency, we offer a variety of services that focus on the effective use of online channels to increase clients‘ visibility, reach and success online.

What does a digital marketing agency do?

An digital marketing agency offers a wide range of services to strengthen the digital presence of companies. These include search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine advertising (SEA), content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, conversion optimisation and web analytics. Through targeted strategies and measures, an online marketing agency helps to increase online visibility, optimise conversion rates, build customer loyalty and ultimately increase sales. Another innovative solution we offer as an online marketing agency is AI-based advertising campaigns. By using artificial intelligence, we can tailor ads and campaigns even more precisely to your target group and optimise them more efficiently. In this way, AI powered ads allow us to make the best use of your budgets and maximise the ROI of your marketing activities.

How much does a digital marketing agency cost?

The costs for the services of an digital marketing agency can vary greatly depending on the scope and type of services desired. As an online marketing agency, we offer customised solutions that are geared to the individual needs and goals of our clients. We charge transparently according to the time spent and with proof of performance. We will be happy to advise you personally and without obligation in a free initial consultation.

How can a digital marketing agency help my business?

As an experienced digital marketing agency, we work closely with businesses to help them maximise their online presence and achieve their marketing goals. With our in-depth expertise and tailored strategies, we offer a wide range of services to increase your company’s online success. By targeting these tools, we generate more qualified traffic to your website, increase your brand visibility and improve conversion rates. In addition, we support you in developing an effective digital marketing strategy. Our holistic and data-based approach enables us to create a comprehensive online marketing concept that will make your business successful in the long term.

How long does it take to see results from digital marketing?

The time it takes to see results from digital marketing can vary depending on various factors, such as your company’s current digital presence, the competitive landscape, the strategies and measures applied, and the budget. As a data driven online marketing agency, we develop customised strategies for your business, implement targeted measures and continuously monitor the results. Through regular analysis and optimisation, we can improve the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns and achieve long-term success for your company.

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Your professional Digital Marketing Agency Dubai

Are you looking for effective methods to promote your business online in Dubai? Google Ads in digital marketing is a powerful solution you should consider. With Google Ads, you can place targeted ads that appear exactly when potential customers are searching for the products or services you offer. By targeting your ads, you achieve high visibility and can address your target group directly. In addition, you have full control over your budget, as you only pay for actual clicks or impressions. Extensive analytics and tracking features allow you to accurately measure and optimise the performance of your ads. Our Digital Marketing Agency Dubai helps you to target local customers and increase your reach. Use the many possibilities of Google Ads in with our Digital Marketing Agency Dubai to successfully present your business.

Expertise in Digital Marketing Dubai

As a Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai we can help you successfully position your business online and increase your sales. But what does a digital marketing agency actually do? Essentially, such an agency handles the planning, implementation and optimisation of your online marketing strategies. A professional Digital Marketing Agency for Dubai has a team of experts who are familiar with various aspects of online marketing. This includes search engine optimisation (SEO), content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, paid advertising and more. The agency develops customised strategies that are tailored to the goals and needs of your company. In addition, a digital marketing agency continuously monitors and analyses the performance of your campaigns.
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